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Resto Bar Club
 4. Zrínyi St. Budapest
+36 70 330 8652
About us

About us

Who we are?

Ötkert? An upgraded local, not only for locals. A place in the middle of Budapest,
which always changes and varies. In the past years Ötkert has hosted huge
parties, live performances of internationally known star DJ-s and concerts of
the best Hungarian bands, besides continuously providing grounds for the
exhibitions of talented young artists. Live music, gastronomic experience and
a memorable treat to both foreign and Hungarian visitors in the very heart of

So what is Ötkert all about? It provides nothing more than desired: a place which
is always welcoming, and always offers something good. Because you can come
to dance here, from Tuesday till Saturday. Because the gastronomy and the
surroundings will never disappoint you. Because contemporary art and cool
programs can be found here under one roof. Because it provides a green garden
in the middle of a concrete city center. Because you can enjoy a candle-lit dinner
for acoustic melodies ever day of the week. If you fancy a good quesadilla in the
middle of the night, our chef, Sztyopa is here to feed you. But if you wish nothing
to happen, you can also come here, sit back and enjoy the mixture of old and new
in this gorgeous national monument building of József Hild, where we are and
where all the hustle is going on. For you only.

Ötkert - Made in Budapest.

Resto Bar Club     4. Zrínyi St. Budapest     +36 70 330 8652